Please Read Our Cancellation Policy And Precare Information Before Booking Appointment

Cancellation Policy

Renlysa Artistry Policies


A Credit Card is REQUIRED to secure appointment at the time of booking. You will ONLY be charged if you fail to show up or cancel less than 48 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to meet the requirements of our NO SHOW/CANCELLATION POLICY is outlined below.  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash or Debit Cards, Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal are acceptable forms of payment.


Upon booking with us, you agreed to this term. In order for us to secure your date, please make your NON REFUNDABLE retainer’s fee between 18% to 38% of the total. The fee will go towards your total on your procedural day only. If service is not completed, you will lose your retainers fee. NO EXCEPTION. Please be sure to plan your appointment accordingly and that you are serious about receiving our services. Serious inquiries only.
If we do not receive a deposit within 24-48 hours, your appointment will be cancelled. Once you confirmed the appointment with your card (no precharge) an e-mail or text message from Fresha will be sent to you with separate links to make the retainer payment. Thank you.


48 hour advance notice is required in order to cancel any service with no charge. Failure to cancel within 48 hours will result in a 30% service charge. If you reschedule or cancel more than 1 time a $50 fee will apply to rebook

*No Shows

Please note, you are not allowed to book future appointments with us any further with an acceptance of full payment plus fees only. Reconsideration depends on circumstances.

*Running Late

If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment, your service will end at service scheduled time. If you are more than 15 minutes late it will need to be reschedule with a $50 deposit fee.

*Previous work

If you have previous work done else where and would like a correction, cover up or removal. You must book a consultation ahead, excluding same day consultation. Please DO NOT show up with previous work. Your appointment will cancelled and a cancellation fee apply.

Precare & Preparation

Please read carefully. Failure to follow precare will result in cancellation & additional fees.


  1. Consuming alcohol, blood thinner medicine or caffeine and THC on day of procedure.
  2. Planning to work out within 10 days of healing process.
  3. Under antibiotics or took it less than 3 weeks from your procedural date.
  4. Diabetics or autoimmune (need to provide a doctor’s note)
  5.  Pregnant and/or nursing
  6. Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, undiagnosed rashes, acne, blisters or sores on treated area. Prescription required for lip tattoo only
  7. Transmittable blood conditions like HIV and all Hepatitis. 
  8. Active skin cancer in the area. Undergoing or due to receive radiotherapy or chemotherapy less than 42 days.
  9. Hemophiliac, severe anemia or healing disorders.
  10. Uncontrolled high blood pressure or have had Mitral Valve Disorder.
  11. On skin medications such as Accutane, Antasure, and other steroids.
  12. Epileptic experience or active seizures.
  13. Keloid (dark raised scar, usually very hard in texture).
  14. Using lash growing serums or veins around eyes (eyeliner tattoos only)
  15. Taking antidepressant medications will interfere with healed results 


  • DO NOT consume alcohol, caffeine, inhale or ingest THC.
  • DO NOT plan to go to the gym before or after procedure.
  • DO NOT take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin, and Vitamin E, Fish Oil or any blood thinning medication or supplements.
  • Read the Studio’s policy again.


Please plan your week accordingly. Eyebrows cannot get wet for at least 8-10 days after.

  • Check for signs of illness. Please call to reschedule asap.
  • Complete your digital consent form SmartWaiver and Studio Policy.
  • Read the Studio Policy. Any clarifications, please contact us asap at (978) 350-0120.
  • Check for signs of irritation or possible infection in your treatment area.
  • History of sores on lips, you will need prescription medication prior to session (Lip tattoo only).
  • No waxing or tinting.
  • Electrolysis no less than five days before.
  • Eyelash extensions should not be done less than 48 hours prior or within 10 days after the procedure.
  • Botox is best performed 2 weeks prior to your appointment. No Botox at least 2 weeks after procedure.
  • Micro-needling should not be done or resumed, until treated area fully healed.
  • Do not plan your COVID vaccination within 2 weeks of your appointment before and after procedure.


  • Finish taking antibiotics 3 weeks prior.
  • No laser procedures or peels should be done 4 weeks prior or after.
  • No tanning or sunburn on your face.