Permanent Makeup/Microblading FAQ's

Make sure you read all precare requirements prior to booking  your appointment  to make sure your are a candidate. The most important is no blood thinning Medication and no caffeinated or alcohol  beverages. 1 week prior stop using  face treatment containing retinol or retinA, silica acids or any home acne treatment.  No henna or tinting, but you can come with your usual makeup and how you would fill your brows everyday. We love to get an idea of your style.

No. Permanent makeup is not painful but not completely painless, it is generally not perceived as pain. Thanks to the latest anesthetic creams there is minimal discomfort. Every client is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching and some will feel nothing at all.

Almost everyone. Women and men who want to look great at any moment of the day, for those who need corrections, for people with allergies to regular makeup, for people who are active in sports. For people with Alopecia. For burn scarred victims.

Permanent makeup is accepted by each population group and great for anyone who:

  • Wants their lips to appear fuller defined and pigmented
  • Wants their eyes to appear more open and lifted
  • Is not “good” at applying their own eyebrows, eyeliner or lipstick
  • Wants a daily polished look
  • Who are facing Alopecia 
  • Scarred on the area
  • Weak eyesight

In general, permanent makeup will always be present. The intensity of your permanent makeup fades in the course of time. However, this is completely dependent from person to person. This is partly due to the natural cell renewal, the immune system and lifestyle, the influence of UV light.

This has never happened. Before we start with application, the shape will be drawn. Together with your Artist, we choose the color that suits you best. Only when everything is to your complete satisfaction, the pigmentation procedure will begin.

No. Your Artist professional followed a special training on color theory and can give you expert advice which color suits you best. There is a choice from more than 66 colors for all skin types, it’s even possible to mix a custom made color to your liking.

Absolutely. Permanent makeup is not intended as replacement for evening makeup, it serves in particular to accentuate. Additional makeup can always be applied for an evening out.

Unfortunately, no. There are precare to follow ahead but you can always schedule a free 30 minutes consultation. During the consultation you can discuss with your Artist your needs and which permanent makeup you want, you can specify your every wish regarding permanent makeup. Of course, a sound advice is given how the best and most beautiful results with permanent makeup can be obtained.

It is possible to cover up old Microblading or brow tattoos if they are at least 60% faded. To determine if your brows are 60% faded you must schedule an in person consultation prior to booking an appointment. If you show up with old saturated tattoos you will risk a cancelled appointment. Virtual consultation will not guarantee the determination due to poor lighting or connection. More sessions may be needed in order to cover completely especially for color corrections. Realistic expectations needed and not always guaranteed. It is best to consider removal prior to getting new brows.

Yes! We are offering the most safest, painless removal on the market right now. Our removals uses all natural fruit acid, there is no down time, no blood scabbing or laser involves. Amount of sessions depend on the color or how saturated the old tattoo is. Some only needed 2 sessions some may need up to 8 sessions. Ask us about our promo or to book a consultation.

Generally it takes about 2 to 2½ hours, including the consultation, drawing the shape, color choice and pigmentation procedure.

To ensure that your permanent makeup will be optimal, your PMU professional will give you guidelines and complimentary aftercare kit to take home which  includes top of the line ointment for aftercare during the healing of the skin.

No. The first week, the pigmentation is significantly darker than the final result. Within the first week of healing the intensity of the color will become about 40% softer. Due to the natural cell renewal, the end result of pigmentation will be visible after a period of approximately 3 to 5 weeks.

Yes. We work only under the strict rules of the Health Authorities. For every treatment a new sterile needle is used which will be destroyed immediately after the treatment.

Indeed. However every morning is there a makeup artist who is styling your eyebrows, drawing a crisp eyeliner for you or correcting the shape of your lips? Does this makeup artist also accompany you on holiday to quickly redo your makeup as you step out of the ocean or the swimming pool? It is not just the line or contour, it comes to overall convenience that you will experience every day for years. Believe or not it is less expensive than a manicure and lash extensions!

The principle is similar to each other. With both procedures pigment is placed into the skin with needles, but that is the only similarity. The equipment as well as the composition of the pigments, and the techniques is completely different