Yes! We are offering the most unique fundamental program implementing both fundamental and Beauty Angel’s courses all in one! The first to offer a 3x certificates program in Massachusetts! Of course, you have the option to take just 1certificate program. We also offer an apprenticeship program for our students only with an additional cost.

Please contact Renlysa Artistry Academy by phone or e-mail to arrange your registration. A deposit of $1000-$2000 to reserve your seat is required and to lock in current price along with a student agreement. The balance is due 30 days prior and you will receive your textbooks by mail for home study.

In the state of Massachusetts, the 100 hours of fundamental training is not a statewide requirement for Permanent Makeup/Microblading/Cosmetic Tattooing. Each and every municipal has their own rules and regulations. We advise you to do your own due diligence and research the local health department in the preferred city/town you are seeking to practice. Review the body art requirements rendered by the city/town before venturing into the permanent makeup field. We believe that in order for you to become a successfully trained artist and have ample confidence in offering permanent makeup services, you need more training time.

Our fundamental program is 7 full days. 35 hours home study, 2 days virtual, and 5 days hands on technique! You will need to request off work for the whole week.

Yes! We offer financing through PayPal credit only.
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As of today, our Master Trainer Sakkaden is offering 100 hours eyebrows Fundamental, Beauty Angel’s Academy Basic and advanced technique training for beginners and experienced artists. We do not offer lips or eyeliner training yet. Additional supervised and observation hours are not a part of Beauty Angels Academy training, it is offered by Renlysa Artistry Academy which is a separate additional cost.

For our basic live courses, it is a 2 days hands on workshop with a continuous virtual training up to 6 months. You and your instructor will be closely working together virtually continuing your courses through a platform called BeautyPro App by submitting all your work for each levels. Instructors will make corrections, revisions and all communications through this monitoring platform. There are 18-20 levels to be completed by 6 months (extension opportunities available) to ensure you are 100% ready and confident to take clients. Most students completed their course levels within 8 weeks it’s all depending on how much time you put in to practicing. Our advice is to have at least 5-10 free models ready. During your live course, the instructor will go through with you all 18 levels that you will be completing at home. Instructor will go through theoretical training, latex practices, show you how to properly hold the tool, correct way to set up and breakdown, medical history, clients consultation, sterilization, sanitation and everything you need to know about opening a PMU business. Then, you will have a chance to work on a live model side by side with your instructor. You will receive a certificate of attendance upon completing your 2 days live. You will also receive a certificate of completion upon completion of all your 18 levels. This is to ensure you are meeting the Beauty Angels academy’s standard. Our goal is to help you to become a great artist and not to just certify you.

In order to take our courses, we recommend you to research your local state or city health department laws and regulations for body art where you are planning on practicing not where you are residing. We also require you to complete at least a 3 hours blood borne pathogens training online prior to class schedule date. You must bring a copy of your BBP certificate to class or e-mail us a copy. The blood borne pathogens organization have no affiliation with us, they will be the one certifying you and you need pay additional cost. We do have a discount code for you to use once you register with us. This BBP certificate will be one of the requirements for your licensing at the health department.

We only offer supervised program and 30 hours of observation/shadow program for our live-course students only due to the limitations of availability. We currently have a 6 months contract program and a no contract program based by per session.

We understand you may have a budget and would like to be informed of the cost prior. The cost are to be discussed in details during the live course only because it varies by your needs. We do this to protect our business privacy. Please be aware that Permanent Makeup is a self investment of knowledge, it is not an easy ticket to financial success. We believe the investment is equivalent to an investment of a college degree program. Please be ready to have a training budget between $15,000 to $30,000 additionally. This is why it is advise to research your local state/city health laws in order to have a clear budget plan because some city or state do not require apprenticeship.

Our 100 hours fundamental program is credited by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM) And Beauty Angels Academy is a well known worldwide trusted educational organization that has trained over 10,000 students all over the world. We have a very high successful career rate with artists earnings up to 6 figures. Visit our website to learn more

Yes! Sakkaden is the only and first Master Trainer to allow you to bring your own first 2 sessions to her licensed facility for free! She will supervise you from start to finish. Additional cost apply after 2 sessions and you must schedule ahead for an available time slot. This will be counted as part of our supervised program hours if you signed up.

We are worldwide! This means more support from all masters around the world anywhere you go. We offer a lifetime support and mentorship for our students even after graduating. For instance, if you move to Florida or even Jamaica and need to sit in on a live training again, you can do that for free! We have masters in all parts of the world. Your opportunity is endless, you yourself can become a Beauty Angels Master Trainer in future! The Sky’s the limit when you’re part of the family.

Yes! We only teach small group and semi private settings of up to 4 students max depending on registration.

Since we are a small group class setting based on the numbers of registration you will need to contact us by e-mail for the next training date. Please e-mail us directly at or text us at (978)350-0120. Our 2 days basic live classes are usually held on Sundays and Mondays, 9am to 7pm. Our 1 day advanced live classes are held on Sundays 9am to 7pm.

Our Academy is conveniently located in North Chelmsford, MA. Our address is 15 Tyngsboro Rd, Suite 6C on the 3rd floor with elevator access, our building provide a free spacious parking lot in a safe clean community. You must enter the address manually on the GPS do not use automatic google search.

Yes! We offer free lunch and morning refreshments for both days for Beauty Angel’s training only.

To register for Beauty Angel’s courses, you must complete it online on our website at Once registered, we will send you a welcome letter with your discount code for BBP certification. Total payment will be due 8 days prior to class if you paid partial. Unfortunately, all deposits is non-refundable. You will only be credited to take the next training or online training if you are unable to attend a live training.

All kits information is on our website, your kit will be waiting for you in class along with more free stuff personally given by your instructor. Nothing will be shipped to you besides your textbooks for the fundamental course only. Our kits are valued over $1,000. You will most likely earn your investment back in 2-3 months with your kit depending on your marketing and business setting.

No, Microblading and Permanent Makeup is not part of Esthetic or Cosmetology. It is considered a tattoo, therefore it is part of Body Art. You will need to hold a tattoo license in most states or counties in order to practice. Check your local health department for requirements.